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Nainital, famous as the Lake District of India, situated in the mountain belt of the mighty Himalayas in the midst of the Kumaon hills, is a heaven for avid nature admirers. A fine holiday destination with an affluent wealth of lakes and hills, this hill town is a place for all classes of travelers. It is named as the Tri Rishi Sarovar, or as the lake of three sages as cited in the Manas Khand section of the Skanda Purana. As stated in our prestigious history, three sages, Atri, Pulastya, and Pulaha took a break from their pilgrimage in this city to satiate their thirst. When they saw that there is no water in the place, they broke the earth and shifted some water into it from the holy lake of Tibet, Mansarovar. As a result, the well-known lake of Nainital came into being. There are some other legends associated with the emergence of the hill town too.

Leaving the history aside, the splendor of Nainital came alive during the British Reign and is still alive in today’s age of modernism. If you want to ingratiate yourself in nature and capture the marvelous environs, then Nainital is one stop destination for this that you must go to by taking a Nainital tour package that takes you around the whole hill station.

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When talking about the tourist places, there are many of different types in Nainital. First that relates to the history is the Governor’s House that wasthe residence of the British Governor of North West Province. At present it is the residence of the Governor of the state of Uttaranchal. Truly the Buckingham Palace of India, the Governor’s House or Raj Bhawan is a stunning land, well urbanized and maintained. A beautiful garden, swimming pool and golf links increase the magnificence of this place to maximum. The other structures within the premises that are worth visiting are the Jhandidhar Modi heights and Munshi heights. Nothing can beat the grandeur of the Himalayas and the tourists can do the Himalayan ‘Darshan’ from the Himalayan View Point and also enjoy a few moments of solitude in this beautiful natural space. Another wonderful place having religious importance is the temple of Hanuman Garhi from where you can also enjoy terrific glimpses of sunrise and sunset.

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The other tourist gems of Nainital are Eco Cave gardens, Tiffin Top, Aerial Ropeway, Land’s End, The Mall road, etc. Certainly, one and all must take at least one trip to this wonderland once in a lifetime. Another great city of India that the tourists must travel to on a weekend or during vacations is Jaisalmer for which they can get Jaisalmer holiday packages that helps them in exploring many travel attractions of this desert city.