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Holiday is the time when everyone plans something new. This is a time when children as well as elders make various plans to visit different places. Some people plan trips to hill stations; some plan trips to culturally sound places, some plan trips to coastal areas whereas; some plan trips to historically sound places. Although there are various places in India that offer best tourism experiences but many local nationals plan their trips to other countries also. In recent times, a large number of people are seen visiting other parts of the world. Due to the introduction of travel agencies, it has become quite easy for travelers to plan trips to new countries around the world. But while planning a trip to a new country, finances must be planned in advance. Some people can afford trips to other countries but it is not possible for everyone. The people who cannot afford trips to other countries can plan trips to the beautiful regions offered in India. It is a country containing best natural views, historical buildings and amazing architectural temples. The best part of tourism in India is the availability of affordable travel packages offered to the tourists. The tourism department of India has planned packages according to the requirements of travelers. hotels in manali