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Tourism is increasing rapidly in India. With the number of developments, this country has become well known in the world. India has emerged as a strong country with the developments made in past some time. India has been successful in leaving a mark over the world by hosting various national and international sports. A number of collaborations are taking place with the developed countries of the world. These collaborations have taken the India economy to a new high. Sports world cups, international games, cultural activities are the areas where developments are seen on regular basis. The visitors from differentparts of the world reach India to witness the sports and cultural activities. Many of these visitors visit India during their trips. They travel to other states to make a fruitful trip. After reaching back to their places they talk about their trip to India which in turn makes others also visit India. This way, the number of international tourists has increased in India in past some time. Although this is not a well developed country like other countries of the world. But this country is blessed with the most beautiful scenic places that are not found in other countries.

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