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Planning for Delhi Agra trip book with Agra Hotels at LookIndiaHotel.com? Opting taxi service for Delhi to Agra can be the best option for a comfortable journey. Nestled at the western bank of river Yamuna, Agra is home to the epitome of love – Taj Mahal. It is just 231 km from Delhi and you can hire one of the cabs in Delhi to commute to this beautiful city. Bathed in indelible Mughal imprints, the city showcases a wide range of creations and handicrafts from that era. However, there’s another thing that contributes to the sweetness of this place, the famous Agra ka Petha. This is one sweet that melts in your mouth, touches your heart and blows your mind away. So go to the Panchee Petha store, pop the Petha, grab your bag pack and set out to explore the city. Wait! If you thought Taj was the only thing to see in Agra, here’s an eye-opener. Besides the Taj, this city has a lot more sites worth exploring. Agra is the abode for several beautiful mughal gardens, mausoleum and forts. Experience the spiritual peace at Itmad-Ud-Daulah or visit the Fatehpur Sikri tomb or gape at the great carving at Akbar Tomb.

Agra Taj Mahal Tours : Agra is famous as being home to one of the seven wonders of the world-the Taj Mahal. The architectural splendour of the mausoleums, the fort and the palaces is a vivid remainder of the mausoleums, the fort and the palaces is a vivid reminder of the capital in the 16th and early 17th centuries.

Agra Fort Agra Day Tours : Built by the great Emperor Akbar in 1565 A.D. the fort is a masterpiece of design and construction. Within the fort are a number of exquisite building, including the Moti Masjid, Diwane-I-Aam, Diwani-I-Khas and musanman Burj, where the Emperor Shah Jahan died in imprisonment beside Jahangirs place, Khaas Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal.

Itmad – Ud Daula : To the north of the fort and across the river Yamuna are several fine examples of Mughal architecture. The Itmad -Ud -Daula as a by the Empress Noor Jehan as a memorial to her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg , is beautifully ornamented with pietra dura inlay and lattice work marble screens.

Chini Ka Roza : The tomb of Afzal Khan, the persian poet and minister at Shah Jehan’s court gets its name from the brightly coloured glazed tiles that decorate it . Lies just 1km beyond itmad -ud -daula.

Sikandara : Welcome to Sikandra, a suburb of Agra, only 13 km. From the Agra Fort. The last resting place of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Akbar was the greatest of the Mughal emperors and one of the most secular minded royalties of his time. He was the heir to a long tradition of oriental refinement, a great patron of the arts, literature, philosophy and science. A visit to Akbar’s monument opens before one, the completeness of Akbar’s personality as completely as the Taj Mahal does of Mumtaz Mahal’s.

Fatehpur Sikri : Imposing gateways and light- hearted palaces were built in red sandstone within this fortified city only to be abandoned a few years later. Among its many architectural game are the places for his queens – Jodha Bai, Mariyam and his Turkish sultana, built in varying styles, each perfect in itself.

Agra Shopping Sightseeing Tours : Agra is renowned for the finest handmade marble and inlay work. Your visit to Agra is incomplete until you take a little marble replica of Taj with you. Call a Delhi-Agra taxi booking agent and book your cab. This cab will be the easiest way to commute to crowded market places like Sardar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar and Itar Bazaar.

Food and Art: If you are an art enthusiast and love to be surrounded by masterpieces, then Agra Art Gallery is the place for you. Further, the city is a foodie’s paradise and is famous for yummy street foods like kachori, cheela, tikki, papri chaat and samosa. Note: These items are usually available after 5 PM.

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